Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Van Jacobson on Content-Centric Networking

I somehow found a Google Tech Talk by Van Jacobson on Google Video, with the modest title of "A New Way to look at Networking". Van Jacobson is a personal hero of mine, to the point that I have created a "fan page" on a Web site that I help maintain.
In the talk, Van quickly reviews the evolution of thinking about networks from the circuit-oriented view of the telephone world to the endpoint-to-endpoint-conversation-oriented view of the packet networking and Internet world. He argues that it's time to change the perspective once again, and focus on documents (content) and their dissemination.
After sending a pointer to the TF-NGN mailing list, I received positive feedback, as well as some points for discussion. (Someone also gave me the hint that Bill St. Arnaud had mentioned the video in his blog a week earlier!)
Interesting stuff!

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