Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blogger and "Google Apps for Your Domain"

The new features in Blogger look nice, although not mind-bogglingly so.
One thing I miss (or maybe I just missed it) is the possibility to publish Blogs under an arbitrary domain name, i.e. This could be easily achieved by integrating Blogger into Google Apps for Your Domain, which can already host Web pages, GMail accounts, and personalized "intranet" sites under arbitrary domain names.

UPDATE: Hey, Google is reading my blog! It only took'em until January 5 to announce "Blogger Custom Domains". So as of today, this blog is available under my own domain,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WLAN attenuation (in hotel rooms)

I stumbled across an article "Redecorating Your Guestrooms May Spell Disaster for Wireless Signals"
by Bill Halpin, on the site of Core Communications, a company that builds WLANs for hotels and conventions. It includes a nice table of various kinds of stuff that is used for hotel rooms, along with their respective expected attenuation factors (in %) for WLAN signals. Silvered mirrors and other chrome or metal objects are worst. Some of this information might be useful for people other than hotel managers.
UPDATE: Core Communications was acquired and has become Swisscom Hospitality Services. To match the Swisscom look & feel, useful information such as the above article probably had to be removed.